Leo weekly 17 to 23 tarot card

You may have recently come through a very difficult time. But now you have some solutions and plans to improve your situation and that's good. Make sure not to make the same mistakes again. Your professional matters need your attention. Those looking for a job should keep their resume ready. It is good to have sound knowledge of your area of interest.

But to be able to articulate this knowledge is equally important. You are sharp with your mental abilities.


Your memory power and intelligence are good and you will do well if appearing for an interview. You are also in a mood to experiment with platonic love as intellectual friends or lovers attract your attention. Lucky number 8 Lucky colour Peach Lucky day Saturday. This is a great time to consider what you are doing. Work to boost your health. Analyse your body and decide whether you need more exercise or rest. You can do better with moderate changes. You are in a mood to party and celebrations will draw your attention.

As the week progresses you will delve into solitude in search of spiritual awakening. A baseless fear has taken over you and is making you restless.

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Worrying about your job is not going to help matters. Focus on what you can control, and check your anxiety. Your intention is right. You are caring towards those close to you, but other people are contributing to your anger and aggression.

Leo Decans

Something that has been going well in a relationship may begin to go wrong. Lucky number 6 Lucky colour Beige Lucky day Friday. This week you will be busy with travelling and other nitty-gritties of life. Amidst all this, you will have to make some decisions.

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By the end of the week, there will be a significant shift in your schedule as you seek a bit more time for yourself. A sudden change in the scenario may surprise you. You might be offered a job or posting or dream project. You will feel positive and enthusiastic. Those who have been aspiring for education abroad could find that all the necessary requirements — visa, passport and loan etc — are progressing in a positive direction.

You are in a mood to confront a near and dear one.

Something is bothering you. Your anger and aggression may go out of hand. A push-pull type of energy could take you on a very low phase and negative mind-set. This is not unfamiliar to you as you are often faced with mood swings. Be on alert. Get yourself examined, as the energy of the week is not very positive. Take medical advice. Make sure all your financial documents are up to date. Take extra care in maintaining the account of your income and expenditure. If you are in a job, don't expect the system to change just because you believe it should be different. Things look good on the relationship front.

Expect the best to happen in a relationship. Those in a committed relationship can expect to enjoy new heights of intimacy and joy. Lucky number 22 Lucky colour Mauve Lucky day Tuesday. You need to move away from the routine and try new measures for health. Better to start with the basics. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, exercise, and eating healthy foods. You don't have to undergo a full scale, uncomfortable, or a difficult regime to feel better.

Small, positive steps will bring the kind of change that you would like to see. Welcome to a most interesting week. On Monday 11th, Mercury will transit the Sun — you can think of this as a mini-eclipse.

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Asked what his message to us all would be, he said simply: Love one another; love is stronger than death. You will be very emotional and sentimental today. You may perform well in your studies and make your For Leos, this month will require them to prove th Leo in , will have an optimistic and a zealous Adnan Sami is the newest Indian now! Last week, the pictures of him being granted the Indian citizenship by the Minister of State for Home — Kiren Rijiju, were constantly being flashed and this made us all happy. Let's check out how things will shape up for him in India Write Your Question Career :.

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Leo Decans. Sun gifts these people with enthusiasm and vitality. Obviously, such people are destined for success and fame; if nothing else, then at least great social recognition or approval. Gifted with great reserves and abilities, those born under this influence are extroverts by nature, while simultaneously being independent and creative. They love to hog the limelight, and are at their best when in the public eye. Gregarious to the fault, usually they attract all eyes in a social do.

They also possess a highly sensitive ego, and don't like to rely on anyone or anything. By nature, these people are boastful, usually of their abilities and their independent nature.

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In addition to this, they mostly are workaholics, not really relaxing, until a job is done perfectly. Plus, these people do not like to sit idle; they like a buzz of activity around them.

Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of December 17-23, 2018

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